About The Lusophone Branch

The Wiki

We are the second and (currently) only active Portuguese-speaking branch of the SCP Foundation Wiki.

The first branch was founded and managed by Shayat. It ran until the beginning of 2016, but never managed to gather enough active members; it never had original content, and most translations (150+, now migrated) were done by the founder. The application system also prevented new members from reviving the site in the absense of it's administrator. So, it was time to restart.

In early 2015, Lucas667 founded the second (current) branch in Portuguese. He migrated various translations from the old wiki, but personal matters conflicted with his activity, and he had to step down from the project, so he passed the torch down to NaxinD. He continued Lucas667's work and did the most important thing in the wiki: Founding the -BR Series (now -PT), a series of original SCP articles in Portuguese. Sadly, he, too, had to step down temporarily from the project for personal matters, giving cauazinlindaum an active mod position.

In late 2017, Silvacrest joined the project, and offered to translate anything needed. After communicating with NaxinD, she became the site's main Admin, in an effort to complete the translation of every guide and system page necessary for turning the Wiki more acessible for non-English-speaking members. And now, in May 2018, we're official!

As mentioned previously we have our own original SCPs and a few Tales, as well works of (fan)art.


Since we don't have many active members, currently we don't have a canon or semi-official history, but it's being developed thought our forums with the help of anyone interested in contributing.


The following is a list of tasks (borrowed from SCP-DE) for admins, mods and interested members, to be completed with maximum priority:

Milestone: Framework

  • Create and set up all system pages
  • Create/translate rules
  • Create/translate guides
  • Translate important lore pages
  • Create mobile theme
  • Create sandbox Sandbox
  • Create Admin forum Comando O5 PT-BR
  • Include translated and 'review' tags in everything
  • Check images from BR Series for copyright
    • and attribute
    • also attribute tales
    • contact authors about changes
    • change images after 1 week
  • Attribute credit to all translated SCPs (author and translator)
  • Migrate all remaining pages from the PT wiki
    • and attribute
  • Change BR series to PT series
  • Create canon concept (WIP)
  • Create PT logo

Milestone: Content

  • Translate all Top 50 articles from the english wiki
  • review Heritage Collection and Top 50
  • Translate top articles of other branches, if possible
    • and review
  • Have 50 original SCPs
  • Have original SCPS translated to english on the International Archive
  • Have first original contest

Milestone: 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 active members

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